Reflections Massage Therapy

About Me January 30, 2011

I (Alicia) am a bodyworker with a private practice in Boulder, CO – Reflections Integrative Therapy. I spend  a majority of my time marveling at the place in which I live and the work I get to do – and the incredible people I come in contact with who pretty regularly move me to want to be the best possible version of myself.

I am continuously inspired by the human body: its innate intelligence, its healing knowledge, its constant capacity for growth and its ability to adapt and change. In my experience as a bodyworker, I have come to believe that the human body contains all of the wisdom and tools it needs for healing. This belief informs much of my work as a practitioner.

When not in the studio, I am a mediocre crafter, an aspiring novelist, a fantastic mistake maker, an avid skier, and a sometimes neglectful companion to a very sweet black lab named Lucy. I’m fairly certain that when it comes to life, I’ll never get it right. And I’m pretty ok with that.


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